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15 Years of Experience

A chartered procurement and supply manage- ment professional

A chartered procurement and supply manage- ment professional with more than 15 years of experience in the Middle East and Gulf region.
Strong experience in leading and implementing suc- cessful procurement and supply chain programs. A result oriented leader who performs well in diverse and multicultural environment.
Leading supply chain teams and supporting them to develop programs to align with their operation- al objectives and establishing major strategies and task assignments. Providing leadership on a strate- gic and operational level for all supply chain activ- ities. Expert at implementation, management and execution of all procurement activities across the board for direct and indirect spend.
Perform well under pressure and difficult situations. Have diverse knowledge and experience in different fields and industries, with an ability to comprehend technical details of any given industry related mat- ter and apply logic in adapting to any specific man- agerial challenge. Commit to cost effective manage- ment of resources and quality performance
Licensed tutor to deliver teaching and learning on behalf of the chartered institute of procurement and supply- UK and a passionate supply chain individual who is committed to support and develop the sup- ply chain profession through attending conferences and supply management events in the region and globally. A Key note speaker in many events and a member of CIPS advisory procurement group for MENA region.


Benefits of Our Training

TECH SUPPORT – dedicated host to ensure that everything runs smoothly
CONVENIENCE – Attendees can join training sessions from their mobile or desktop device.
COURSE CONTENT SHARING – Learning materials and additional reading resources, case studies and exercises available for all
participants as PDF.
LIVE BROADCASTING – Students see PowerPoint slides in a split-screen to follow along with the instructor.
ENGAGING – Knowledge retention with in-session Activities
INTERACTIVE – Live video interaction among participants and instructors. In-built chat to exchange messages individually or with the group.
SIMPLE SET-UP – easy registration through email

Training, Development & Implementation

  • Chicago
  • 22 -24 Dec 2022
  • Riyadh
  • 4 – 8 Dec 2022
  • Bahrain
  • 22 -24 Dec 2022
  • Qatar
  • 22 -24 Dec 2022
  • Kuwait
  • 22 -24 Dec 2022
  • Nigeria
  • 22 -24 Dec 2022
  • Australia
  • 22 -24 Dec 2022
  • New Zealand
  • 22 -24 Dec 2022